• About SFW
    At Social Flyway, we’re all about making connections. We provide our clients with carefully tailored social network marketing, disseminating their brands into the public eye with an end result of increased buzz and a bigger bottom line. Our talented team…
  • Our Mission and Values
    Our mission is to provide superior marketing services in a highly competitive market. Our values directly reflect our mission: 1. We strive to build better brands through the analysis, planning, and execution of marketing tailored to each client. 2. We…
  • Our Process
    In an ever-diversifying market, making your brand stand out amongst the crowd can be a daunting task. At Social FlyWay, we follow a tried-and-true three-stage process of research, planning, and execution. 1. In the research phase, we learn about our…










  • SFW Packages
    Social FlyWay offers a variety of marketing packages that were designed to fill the specific needs of our clients. More information…
  • Speaker/Author Packages
    SFW Ultimate Power Speakers Package ($7150 Value): Website Development (Up to 35 pages) Content Creation & Consulting (20hrs) Idenity Design…
  • Print Finishing
    PerforatingFrom cards and coupons to customer feedback forms, our highly-trained staff and wide variety of perforating blades provide exceptional design…
  • Social Media Promotion
    Nothing attracts a crowd faster than the chance to get something for free, and the same rings true online. In…


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